Programming/openGL2011.03.28 22:42
freeGLUT가 아닌 이상에는
역시나 GLUT에는 마우스 콜백중 휠관련은 없는건가..

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    [링크 :] << 키 입력
    [링크 :] << 마우스 입력
   [링크 :] << F1 와 같은 펑션키

glutKeyboardFunc(void (*func)(unsigned char key, int x, int y))
    sets key processing routine
    x and y are mouse coordinates when the key 'key' was pressed
    see glutGetModifiers for state of modifier keys (eg. ctrl,...)

glutSpecialFunc(void (*func)(int key, int x, int y));
glutMouseFunc(void (*func)(int button, int state, int x, int y))
    mouse function callback
    state: GLUT_UP, GLUT_DOWN
    x, y: mouse coordinates 
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2011.09.29 추가
휠 관련 freeglut 콜백
glutMouseWheelFunc(void( *callback )( int wheel, int direction, int x, int y ));

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