sata 연결하면 이상하게
asus m2n-sli 보드에서 부팅이 안되거나 예전에는 되도 무진장 느린 문제가 있었는데
오늘 케이블을 비교해보니... 음? 두께가 다르다?!?!
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하나는 26 awg이고 다른 하나는 30 awg인데
혹시나 비교해보니 3ware raid에 준건 26 awg짜리 sata 케이블이다.
아부지께 여쭈어보니 케이블이 두꺼우면 외부 전기를 조금은 더 흡수해주지 않겠냐는데
awg와 emi는 딱히 연관이 없고 전류문제라는 이야기 뿐..

검색해보니 하드를 안에두냐 밖에두냐에 따라 응답속도가 달라졌다는데.. 흐음?
When I tested my 7200.12 1TB outside my case I got ~15.4ms lat. while inside my case with the SATA cable at the back I got 22-28ms. Cable came with mobo and is 26AWG. 

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어떤 사람은 30AWG로 하니 맛탱이 갔는데 26AWG로 교체하고는 문제가 없다고도 한다.
I hate to dredge up an old thread but I cam across this when looking into my sata problems.

I've recently rebuilt a file-server with 5x750gb,5x500gb (both raid5) and 2x200gb (raid1 boot) in one nice big ol case. Everything was fine untill recently the set of 500gb drives started acting up. So I pulled it all down tested each drive individually and found no errors. This is after a full read test and a full drive test with the WD tools so it just didnt make any sense. I had also tried limiting the drive speeds to SATA1 and also enabling SCC (spread spectrum clocking) which should reduce interference but no joy.

The drives themselves are connected to a 5port sata port multipler (silicon image) and then each port multipler is linked to a 2port PCIe sata card. So I fugred do some testing swapped both sets of 5 drives, e.g. moved each set onto the opposite port multiplier which I know is working. Still no go. So to keep going I grabbed my old PCI 4port sata card and threw that in, almost seemed to make it worse, either errors or the card locking up during boot which just didnt make sense.

So next thing was to swap out all the cabling on the disks playing up, I had another spare set of 30AWG sata cables and put them in. Same issue again, errors when accessing them or just being flakey. It was then I noticed the other drives not having a problem were all using 26AWG sata cables.

So today I grabbed a set of 26AWG cables and chucked them in and low and behold away goes the problem! Still rebuilding the array over 85% done but no errors and getting past 1% is always a good sign 

Never would have expected the thin cables to be an issue as i've used them on plenty of machines in the past and many of them were brand new (ordered a bulk set recently). My best guess is that on their own or with only a couple drives in close together that they are ok but once you have a large number of disks they suffer from interference.

What gets me is that I found a stack of these 30AWG cables in my motherboard box for a mobo that has 8 sata ports... 

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  2. 26AWG를 써야 합니다. 30AWG는 얇아서 문제 생겨요. ODD야 HDD보다 대역폭이 좀 작아도 괜찮아서 30AWG 써도 별 문제 없겠지만요.

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    • 대역폭은 다른걸로 정해지지 두께와는 차이가 없을듯 합니다. sata역시 저전력으로 데이터를 보내기에 전류에 의한 손실도 그리 크진 않을테구요

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