synology 에서 SMB 관련 옵션중 SMB2 라는게 있어 찾아 보니
vista 이후에 추가된 기능이라고 한다.

SMB 2.1
SMB 2.1, introduced with Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2, introduced minor performance enhancements with a new opportunistic locking mechanism.

SMB 3.0
SMB 3.0 (previously named SMB 2.2) was introduced with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. It brought several significant changes, such as the SMB Direct Protocol (SMB over RDMA) and SMB Multichannel (multiple connections per SMB session), that are intended to add functionality and improve SMB2 performance, notably in virtualized data centers. 

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설정방법은 다음과 같다고 한다.
일단 삼바 3.6.0 버전 이상일경우 전체 기능을 지원하며
max protocol 키워드로 설정한다.
SMB2 support
SMB2 support in 3.6.0 is fully functional (with one omission), and can be enabled by setting:
max protocol = SMB2
in the [global] section of your smb.conf and re-starting Samba. All features should work over SMB2 except the modification of user quotas using the Windows quota management tools.
As this is the first release containing what we consider to be a fully featured SMB2 protocol, we are not enabling this by default, but encourage users to enable SMB2 and test it. Once we have enough confirmation from Samba users and OEMs that SMB2 support is stable in wide user testing we will enable SMB2 by default in a future Samba release.
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