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Usually, to cross-compile autotools-based packages, one do:

./configure --prefix=/usr --host=arm-linux-gnueabi


make DESTDIR=/embedded/target install

make DESTDIR=/embedded/staging install

You typically install things twice because in /embedded/target you want

to have only the files useful for execution, completely stripped, while

in /embedded/staging you want to keep all debugging symbols to help in

debugging. /embedded/target goes in your target embedded system,

while /embedded/staging is kept on your development machine, and is

used to build more applications and to do remote debugging.

Within Qt5, this could be translated as:

./configure -prefix /usr -device <something>


make INSTALL_ROOT=/embedded/target install

make INSTALL_ROOT=/embedded/staging install

But Qt5 has host utilities, not only tools for the target. And instead

of having to build Qt twice, it nicely allows to do the build of host

tools and target libraries in just one build, which is really nice. So,

one typically does:

./configure -prefix /usr -hostprefix /embedded/host -device <something>


make INSTALL_ROOT=/embedded/target install

make INSTALL_ROOT=/embedded/staging install

Unfortunately, the INSTALL_ROOT does not only impact target libraries,

but also the host utilities. So they end up

in /embedded/target/embedded/host which obviously isn't correct.

For the moment, I am solving this by doing:

./configure -prefix /usr -hostprefix /embedded/host -sysroot /embedded/staging -device <something>


make install

[링크 :] 

4.7 에서 hostprefix로는 안되었고

make INSTALL_ROOT install을 통해서 했다는 건데..

-hostprefix, but it doesn't work like I hoped. With "make install INSTALL_ROOT=..." it will install everything even the host tools under this install root

[링크 :] 

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