ARM9 시리즈 이지만.. FP 연산이 불가능한 녀석이 바로 Xscale

그래서 꽤나 더 느리게 느껴진거였나..

아무튼 XScale에서는 eCos에서 사용하는 부트로더인 redboot를 기본으로 채택하고 있어서

redboot + linux 조합이었던 것.

eCos는 RTOS

PXA255에는 CF와 USB Client가 내장

The XScale architecture is based on the ARMv5TE ISA without the floating point instructions.

RedBoot — open-source bootloader, the standard boot firmware shipped with XScale boards

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RedBoot (an acronym for Red Hat Embedded Debug and Bootstrap firmware) is an open source application that uses the eCos real-time operating system Hardware Abstraction Layer to provide bootstrap firmware for embedded systems. 

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The Embedded Configurable Operating System (eCos) is a free and open source real-time operating system intended for embedded systems and applications which need only one process with multiple threads.

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