TV system별 클럭차이..

결론(?)은 서브캐리어의 차이인데.. CVBS는 음성 없이 영상만 NTSC/PAL을 실어나르는데..

왜 27MHz로 30fps로 동일하지 -ㅁ-?

28.6363MHz for NTSC or 28.375MHz for PAL

CVBS (30 fps @ 27Mhz)

27MHz crystal clock for subcarrier generation

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In PAL system, the frequency of the system clock and the subcarrier signal are 28.375 MHz and 4.4336 MHz

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In the PAL system, the color subcarrier is 4.43 MHz above the video carrier, while in the NTSC system it is 3.58 MHz above the video carrier. 

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The frequency of this subcarrier is 4.43361875 MHz for PAL, compared to 3.579545 MHz for NTSC. The SECAM system, on the other hand, uses a frequency modulation scheme on its two line alternate colour subcarriers 4.25000 and 4.40625 MHz.

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