Linux API/v4l2017. 4. 19. 18:14

timestamp는 카메라 따라 맘대로 라는 건데

하드웨어적으로 비디오 싱크를 맞추는 것도 아니니

스테레오 카메라를 위한 보조 기능으로 쓸수도 없을지도?

According to some v4l2 drivers (including the UVC one) do not use the realtime clock (wall time) but rather a monotonic clock that counts from a not specified point in time. On Linux, this is the boot time (i.e. uptime), however (and I suspect this is the cause of your mismatch) only the time that the computer was actually running (i.e. this clock does not run when the computer is suspended). 

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