GPS에 DOP라는 용어가 나오길래 무슨 용도의 용어인가 찾아보니...

DOP ValueRatingDescription
< 1IdealHighest possible confidence level to be used for applications demanding the highest possible precision at all times.
1-2ExcellentAt this confidence level, positional measurements are considered accurate enough to meet all but the most sensitive applications.
2-5GoodRepresents a level that marks the minimum appropriate for making business decisions. Positional measurements could be used to make reliable in-route navigation suggestions to the user.
5-10ModeratePositional measurements could be used for calculations, but the fix quality could still be improved. A more open view of the sky is recommended.
10-20FairRepresents a low confidence level. Positional measurements should be discarded or used only to indicate a very rough estimate of the current location.
>20PoorAt this level, measurements are inaccurate by as much as 300 meters with a 6-meter accurate device (50 DOP × 6 meters) and should be discarded.

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