compatible을 넣는다고 해서 해당 compatible mode의 주석처리나 변수형이 바뀌진 않는다.. 인가?



Produce output that is more compatible with other database systems or with older MySQL servers. The value of name can be ansi, mysql323,mysql40, postgresql, oracle, mssql, db2, maxdb, no_key_options, no_table_options, or no_field_options. To use several values, separate them by commas. These values have the same meaning as the corresponding options for setting the server SQL mode. See Section 5.1.10, “Server SQL Modes”.

This option does not guarantee compatibility with other servers. It only enables those SQL mode values that are currently available for making dump output more compatible. For example, --compatible=oracle does not map data types to Oracle types or use Oracle comment syntax.

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