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SANE GUI Frontend

2.6. My scanner is "TWAIN Compatible". Why isn't SANE "TWAIN compatible" ?

This doesn't mean anything ! A scanner is NOT TWAIN compatible. The Windows driver provided with the scanner is probably TWAIN compatible, so that TWAIN compatible Windows applications can use them. The only way to have a scanner become TWAIN compatible under other OS would be to have a driver for this scanner that speaks TWAIN with the applications. But, there is no TWAIN compatible application outside the Windows and Mac world. SANE developers have chosen to use the SANE API instead of TWAIN for scanner access. See for a word about this. You can read a TWAIN FAQ, if you want, at

There was a discussion between the TWAIN Working Group and some SANE-people. For more information, see: (Note the date) Technical issues ( needed/wanted changes for the TWAIN interface) may be resolved in the V2.0 specs of SANE

There are some more SANE-TWAIN interfaces for Windows and other platforms:

2.12. How can I access a SANE backend from Windows throught the network ?

The most usable TWAIN source seems to be:

Also, you can use sanecgi which wraps the text based frontend (scanimage) into a cgi perl script. For a running demo, try

Oliver Rauch made a Windows-version of Xsane.

머.. 아무튼 sane 이라는 것을 사용하면
TWAIN 으로 공유하듯 TWAIN을 지원하지 않는 스캐너도 네트워크로 공유가 가능하다고 하는데..
머 해봐야 알지... -_-

부디... 제조사 드라이버에서 간편하게 공유가 가능하길 빌어야 하나?

'프로그램 사용 > saned' 카테고리의 다른 글

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