mplayer에서는 -ao alsa:device=hw:0.0 식으로 음악을 바로 재생을 할 수 있는데..
ffmpeg은 입력을 받아서 저장은 되도.. 플레이는 안되나.. 보다 싶긴하다.
$ man ffmpeg
   Video and Audio grabbing
       If you specify the input format and device then ffmpeg can grab video and audio directly.

               ffmpeg -f oss -i /dev/dsp -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0 /tmp/out.mpg

       Or with an ALSA audio source (mono input, card id 1) instead of OSS:

               ffmpeg -f alsa -ac 1 -i hw:1 -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0 /tmp/out.mpg

       Note that you must activate the right video source and channel before launching ffmpeg with any TV viewer
       such as <> by Gerd Knorr. You also have to set the audio recording levels
       correctly with a standard mixer. 

$ mam mplayer
       Audio output drivers are interfaces to different audio output facilities.  The syntax is:

       -ao <driver1[:suboption1[=value]:...],driver2,...[,]>
              Specify a priority list of audio output drivers to be used.

       If  the  list has a trailing ',' MPlayer will fall back on drivers not contained in the list.  Suboptions
       are optional and can mostly be omitted.
       NOTE: See -ao help for a list of compiled-in audio output drivers.

                 -ao alsa,oss,
                      Try the ALSA driver, then the OSS driver, then others.
                 -ao alsa:noblock:device=hw=0.3
                      Sets noblock-mode and the device-name as first card, fourth device. 

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