/etc/webalizer/webalizer.conf 에 보면 아래 세가지가 보이는데

생각을 해보니.. 이 기능을 이용하면 logrotate를 비활성화 하지 않아도 문제가 될거 없는 느낌?

logrotate를 잠시 꺼둔 이유가 모이지 않아서였는데

history 파일은 이전달들이니까.. 복수형인거 같고

즉, logrotate 당해도 이전 데이터 들은 남아 있다 정도일거 같은데

incremental은 파싱할 내용의 범위를 줄여주는 기능이려나?

 45 # HistoryName allows you to specify the name of the history file produced

 46 # by the Webalizer.  The history file keeps the data for previous months,

 47 # and is used for generating the main HTML page (index.html). The default

 48 # is a file named "webalizer.hist", stored in the output directory being

 49 # used.  The name can include a path, which will be relative to the output

 50 # directory unless absolute (starts with a leading '/')

 54 # Incremental processing allows multiple partial log files to be used

 55 # instead of one huge one.  Useful for large sites that have to rotate

 56 # their log files more than once a month.  The Webalizer will save its

 57 # internal state before exiting, and restore it the next time run, in

 58 # order to continue processing where it left off.  This mode also causes

 59 # The Webalizer to scan for and ignore duplicate records (records already

 60 # processed by a previous run).  See the README file for additional

 61 # information.  The value may be 'yes' or 'no', with a default of 'no'.

 62 # The file 'webalizer.current' is used to store the current state data,

 63 # and is located in the output directory of the program (unless changed

 64 # with the IncrementalName option below).  Please read at least the section

 65 # on Incremental processing in the README file before you enable this option


 69 # IncrementalName allows you to specify the filename for saving the

 70 # incremental data in.  It is similar to the HistoryName option where the

 71 # name is relative to the specified output directory, unless an absolute

 72 # filename is specified.  The default is a file named "webalizer.current"

 73 # kept in the normal output directory.  If you don't specify "Incremental"

 74 # as 'yes' then this option has no meaning. 

[링크 : http://se.uzoogom.com/17]

[링크 : http://blog.naver.com/fogwhite/20050962196]


그나저나.. 이게 원래 보던건데..

테스트 한다고 access.log 를 비워버리고 webalizer 실행하니까 이렇게 kB In/Out 이라는 못보던 항목이 생겨났다

무슨 옵션으로 인해 생겨난거지?

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