c#이나 .net framework을 쓰면 간편한데

win32로는 영 복잡할수 밖에 없는 듯?

그런데 QueryDosDevice()를 쓰면 0ms 라는데

  1. CreateFile("COM" + 1->255) as suggested by Wael Dalloul
    ✔ Found com0com ports, took 234ms.

  2. QueryDosDevice()
    ✔ Found com0com ports, took 0ms.

  3. GetDefaultCommConfig("COM" + 1->255)
    ✔ Found com0com ports, took 235ms.

  4. "SetupAPI1" using calls to SETUPAPI.DLL
    ✔ Found com0com ports, also reported "friendly names", took 15ms.

  5. "SetupAPI2" using calls to SETUPAPI.DLL
    ✘ Did not find com0com ports, reported "friendly names", took 32ms.

  6. EnumPorts()
    ✘ Reported some non-COM ports, did not find com0com ports, took 15ms.

  7. Using WMI calls
    ✔ Found com0com ports, also reported "friendly names", took 47ms.

  8. COM Database using calls to MSPORTS.DLL
    ✔/✘ Reported some non-COM ports, found com0com ports, took 16ms.

    ✔ Found com0com ports, took 0ms. This is apparently what SysInternals PortMon uses.

[링크 : http://stackoverflow.com/.../how-do-i-get-a-list-of-available-serial-ports-in-win32]

m_MyPort 변수만 다른걸로 바꿔써주면 잘 작동 하는 듯

단, unicode 기반에서는 (LPSTR)대신 (LPWSTR)로 해주어야 에러가 나지 않는다.

void SelectComPort() //added function to find the present serial 

    TCHAR lpTargetPath[5000]; // buffer to store the path of the COMPORTS
    DWORD test;
    bool gotPort=0; // in case the port is not found

    for(int i=0; i<255; i++) // checking ports from COM0 to COM255
        CString str;
        CString ComName=CString("COM") + CString(str); // converting to COM0, COM1, COM2

        test = QueryDosDevice(ComName, (LPSTR)lpTargetPath, 5000);

            // Test the return value and error if any
        if(test!=0) //QueryDosDevice returns zero if it didn't find an object
            m_MyPort.AddString((CString)ComName); // add to the ComboBox
            gotPort=1; // found port

            lpTargetPath[10000]; // in case the buffer got filled, increase size of the buffer.


    if(!gotPort) // if not port
    m_MyPort.AddString((CString)"No Active Ports Found"); // to display error message incase no ports found


[링크 : http://stackoverflow.com/.../what-is-proper-way-to-detect-all-available-serial-ports-on-windows]

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