Unfortunately the bug is still observed - i did some additional triaging.

* The bug is seen only when the samba share exported is on a vfat file system
    - for ext2 and ext3 the large sized copy succeeds without fail.

* I also tried using the samba package from debian-arm repositories(lenny-stable)
    - but there also the problem is seen.

* Even if the error is thrown up - the file is still being copied in the background - or ftruncate'ing in the background (I suspect it is only ftruncating and filling the space with zeroes because of two reasons - one the md5sums do not match afterwards and two the code seems to be doing the same thing) - but as previously stated adding a patch to always call ftruncate64() in sys_ftruncate() does not fix the problem.

[링크 : http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg1902987.html]

SH4 시스템에서 smbd / nmbd 조합으로
USB 메모리를 vfat으로 사용하여, 원격지에서 파일을 복사할경우
20MB 이상의 파일을 복사하려고 시도하면 죽는 문제가 발생했다.

임베디드 장비라서, 메모리 부족 에러와 함께 DMA 에러가 발생했지만,
이러한 문제가 발생하기전 vfat으로 rw가 아닌 ro로 mount 되는 것을 봐서
다른 문제나 버그가 있는 것으로 생각이 된다.
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