redboot는 RedHat Embedded Debug and Bootstrap firmware 이다.
redhat 사에서 만들은 bootstrap firmware인데, uboot를 주로 쓰던 나로서는
웬지 익숙하지 않은 명령어만 잔뜩 나온다.

uboot의 res(reset)은 redboot의 go 이다.

tynux box가 redboot인데, 이녀석에게서 도움말을 치니 아래와 같이 나온다.
boot - Boot Linux Kernel
go [-w <timeout>] [entry] Execute code at a location

cache [ON | OFF] Manage machine caches
fis {cmds} Manage FLASH images

cksum -b <location> -l <length> Compute a 32bit checksum [POSIX algorithm] for a range of memory
d_cp15 Dump the contents of register 0 to 6 of the coprocessor 15
dump -b <location> [-l <length>] [-s] [-1|2|4] Display (hex dump) a range of memory
memcpy -b <address> -l <length> <target address> Copy the contents of memory
load [-r] [-v] [-h <host>] [-m {TFTP | xyzMODEM -c <channel_number>}]
       [-b <base_address>] <file_name> Load a file

version Display RedBoot version information
help [<topic>] Help about help?

ldrb <address> Read 8 bits value from the address
ldrh <address> Read 16 bits value from the address
ldr <address> Read 32 bits value from the address

strb -b <address> <value> - Write 8 bits value to the address
strh -b <address> <value> - Write 16 bits value to the address
str -b <address> <value> - Write 32 bits value to the address

macro Num CommandStrings Set Macro
0 Display All Macros
1 Execute macro 1
2 Execute macro 2
3 Execute macro 3
4 Execute macro 4
5 Execute macro 5
6 Execute macro 6
7 Execute macro 7
8 Execute macro 8
9 Execute macro 9

mac [read | write] <new addr> Read / Write MAC address
ping [-v] [-n <count>] [-l <length>] [-t <timeout>] [-r <rate>]
       [-i <IP_addr>] -h <IP_addr> Network connectivity test

Run a script located at the given address
The script should end with end
   script <address>

[링크 :]
[링크 :]

RedBoot -> u-Boot
환경변수는 RedBoot에서 불러오지 않고 별도로 설정해준다.
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