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TMS320 하나 생겨서 찾아보게 됨

간단하게 요약하면.. DSP는 MMX/SSE/AVX 등이 특화된 프로세서라고 하면 되려나?

cortex-m3는 MCU라면

cortex-m4는 DSP 기능을 일부 포함

[링크 : http://www.e4ds.com/sub_view.asp?best=1&ch=3178&t=1&idx=3178]

[링크 : http://www.mcublog.co.kr/7]

[링크 : http://innosian.tistory.com/163]

[링크 : http://innosian.tistory.com/165]

Microcontrollers and DSP are oriented for different target apps.

1) DSP often don't have a flash programm memory, they need the software to be 'loaded' into them. Microcontrollers do have a non power off eraseble program memory inside, with and some have eeprom store capabilites.

2) DSP are much faster for integer maths operations. many microcontrollers even dont have them in hardware this has to be achieved in software (multiplication and division)

3) DSP are hundreds of times faster for floating point operations. In microcontrollers this has to be done in software.

4) DSP are oriented to be an input/output device with 'fast calculating machine'. Microcontrollers are a multifeature device with several ways of interfacing the world but they are not the fastest in none of them.

5) DSP are not designed to be a 'robust' device. By 'not robust' I mean that they require a more well designed board to let the work correctly. Microcontrollers can work on a Test Board! 

[링크 : http://www.microchip.com/forums/m115630.aspx]

[링크 : https://electronics.stackexchange.com/...-difference-between-a-dsp-and-a-standard-microcontroller]

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