PDM 이라고 초음파 센서를 보다보니 나오는데

웬지 느낌이 쌔(?) 해서 찾아보니 요즘 유행(?)인 고음질 오디오 쪽에 DSD랑 비슷한 느낌이 들었는데

결론만 말하자면 이론적 배경으로는 맞다고


PDM is Pulse Density Modulation, a system for representing a sampled signal as a stream of single bits using delta sigma conversion (sometimes called sigma delta conversion). PDM is the technology used in many oversampling ADCs and DACs, and is the basis of the Sony/Philips commercial digital format and disc trade-named DSD and SACD, respectively.

[링크 : https://www.ap.com/technical-library/more-about-pdm/]


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