Incremental 옵션이 영향을 주는것 같아서 해보는데 일단 귀찮아서...

Incremental no 옵션을 설정한 다음 전체 로그를 붙여서(과거 - 현재 순서로)

붙이니 일단 되는 듯.. -p 옵션을 통해서 여러개로 나누어진 녀석을 처리가능하다는데

해보진 않아서 모르겠네.. 해볼까? (멀 잘못했나.. -p 로그파일 해도 안되네..)


6. My logs are HUGE! Can I run The Webalizer on partial logs?Yes!
        . The Webalizer fully supports incremental processing. This allows you to rotate your logs as often as needed without the loss of statistical detail between runs. Use the "Incremental" keyword in your configuration file, or the "-p" command line switch to enable incremental processing. See the
 README file for additional information and precautions on using incremental processing.

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The Webalizer is a command line application and is launched from the operating system shell prompt. A typical command is shown below.webalizer -p -F clf -n -o reports logfiles/access_log

This command instructs The Webalizer to analyze the log file access_log, run in the incremental mode (-p), interpret the log as a CLF log file (-F), use the domain name for report links (-n) and produce the output subdirectory of the current directory. Use the -h option to see the complete list of command line options.

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for obj in $(ls access*); do webalizer -p -F apache -n -o /path/to/webalizer/ $obj; done

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