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리눅스에서 파일을 완전 소거 하는 방법이 필요 해서 검색을 해봤더니
sourceforge project로 SRM이라는 것이 발견 되었다.

rpm 버전이 있는지는 모르겠고,
make install로 설치를 하도록 되어 있다.

 srm(1)                                                                  srm(1)

       srm - securely remove files or directories

       srm [OPTION]... FILE...

       srm  removes each specified file by overwriting, renaming, and truncat-
       ing it before unlinking. This prevents other people from undeleting  or
       recovering  any  information  about  the file from the command line. By
       default srm uses 35 passes to overwrite the file?셲  contents.  If  this
       seems  overkill  you  can  use  use  the --dod or --openbsd or --simple
       option which use less passes.

       srm, like every program that uses the  getopt  function  to  parse  its
       arguments,  lets  you  use the -- option to indicate that all following
       arguments are non-options.  To remove a file called ??f??in the current
       directory, you could type either
              rm -- -f
              rm ./-f

       Remove (unlink) the FILE(s).

       -d, --directory
              ignored (for compatability with rm(1))

       -f, --force
              ignore nonexistent files, never prompt

       -i, --interactive
              prompt before any removal

       -r, -R, --recursive
              remove the contents of directories recursively

       -s, --simple
              only overwrite the file with a single pass of random data

       -P, --openbsd
              OpenBSD  compatible  rm. Overwrite regular files before deleting
              them.  Files are overwritten three times, first  with  the  byte
              pattern  0xff,  then  0x00, and then 0xff again, before they are
              deleted.  Files with multiple links will  be  unlinked  but  not

       -D, --dod
              Dod compliant 7-pass overwrite.

       -v, --verbose
              explain what is being done

       -h, --help
              display this help and exit

       -V, --version
              output version information and exit

       srm can not remove write protected files owned by another user, regard-
       less of the permissions on the directory containing the file.

       Development and discussion of srm  is  carried  out  at   which   is   also   accessible   via


Matt Gauthier                        1.2.9                              srm(1)

윈도우용 완전 소거 프로그램과 비슷하게
소거 알고리즘에 의해서 7pass / 35pass으로 삭제 하며, 기본값은 35pass 라고 되어 있다.

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2011.10.24 추가
우분투에서는 secure-delete 패키지로 존재한다. 
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