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부랴부랴 CCSv5 까는데

전체 하면 3GB 정도 잡아 먹어서 빨리 깔겸 C28x 시리즈만 하도록 설치!

JTAG 관련해서 Spectrum Digital Emulators를 추가하는데 어디 깔리는지는 미지수

아무튼.. 리부팅 하라고 해서 하니까 깔리는줄 알았는데 안되서

CCSv5 경로에서 xds로 검색 후 경로 찾아서 깔아줌

Applies to Windows installations CCSv4 and higher:


xds510usb and xd510usb_win64 files have been removed and replaced with signed

windows drivers and placed in:

Program Files\SpectrumDigital\Emulation\Drivers for 32-bit Windows and

Program Files (x86)\SpectrumDigital\Emulation\Drivers for 64-bit Windows

During the CCS installation process windows system level drivers are quietly 

pre-installed.  On Vista, the system level drivers install may not succeed as 

security checks may block the install.  When you plug in a USB HW device if 

Vista does not automatically find the USB drivers then the install did not 

succeed and you have two options:

1) When the install Wizard cannot find the drivers simply have the Wizard 

search the directories listed above with the search subdirectory check box 


2) Manually pre-install the drivers before plugging in the USB HW.  

To do this use Explorer and go to the appropriate driver directory listed 

above and the appropriate subdirectory, i386 for 32-bit Windows or amd64 for 

64-bit Windows and run DPInst.exe.  If you are not sure if drivers were

pre-installed during the CCS install you can safely run DPInst.exe again.  


혹시 모르고 귀찮으니 일단 백업


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